The Castle of Ravadinovo is a spectacular attraction and one of Europe’s few castles built by a single person. It is the work of architect Georgi Kostadinov Tumpalov, who began work on the structure in 1996. The landmark is located about 3 kilometers from Sozopol, near the village of Ravadinovo.

The Castle of Ravadinovo “In Love with the Wind” received a gold and a silver medal in the category “Tourist Attraction” and was designated an architectural marvel at the prestigious international competition “A ‘Design Award” in 2016. The castle’s architectural design is unique, a little extravagant, and even exotic.

Given the fact that the construction began nearly 25 years ago, the Castle of Ravadinovo is unmistakably one-of-a-kind. Visitors are fascinated by the attraction, and one of them describes it as “the most unusual building in the most unusual place.”

The Castle of Ravadinovo is in a convenient location, close to the highway, so there is no way to miss it if you drive down from Burgas, on Bulgaria’s southern Black Sea coast. From a bird’s eye view, the structure appears to be a cross. The castle itself combines various architectural decorative styles and materials, which are definitely worth seeing. The structure’s exterior is adorned with brass ornaments. They are hung on stone walls at the back of the castle, which are surrounded by thick ivy. Copper and brass are used to decorate the towers. A stone gate at the castle’s entrance leads visitors to the unique palace, which features a beautiful arch. Soon after, you find yourself in a fairy garden with a lake where several white and black swans add to the romantic atmosphere

It is a romantic and mystical place for some, an escape from reality for others, and the ideal location for a photo shoot for still others. But, whatever your reason for visiting, the attraction is unquestionably worthwhile.

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